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Injury – Pain- Symptoms- Treatment- Relief


Among all the body parts spinal cord is one of the most important and essential parts since it forms the back bone of the body and helps in transmitting messages from the brain to the rest of the body. It is a bundle of nerves that starts from the brain and stops at the end of the spine thus establishing connection and link between the other parts through tissues, muscles, blood vessels and veins.  This part consists of vertebrae, fluids, disks etc and a spinal cord injury is a damage caused to any of these parts. A famous doctor from New York said that ` a spinal cord injury is any kind of torture that is given to the spinal cord in the form of an injury interrupting the regular flow of information from the brain to the rest of the body. Such injuries disturb the motor signals sent to the muscles thus resulting in paralysis`. Find more info on lumbar support belt .


Spinal cord injuries have become very common these days. In the earlier days, people were strong and healthy and the food they consumed gave them all the essentials for the body keeping every part energized and strong. And all the household activities were done by women with their hands and hence they were able to keep their body fit and fine. With development of technology and advancements, there is change in everything. There are drastic alterations in our food habits too and the food that we consume does not reach us at its full capacity. Everything is adulterated and it in fact loses its potential. Lack of good food and exercise is one of the major reasons for many problems in the body.

This is in general terms. It is said that walking is a good exercise that keeps the entire body including the spine healthy and active. But with the development in technology people have started depending on machines and gadgets and the number who depend on two wheelers and four wheelers have increased. This is one major reason for most of the spinal damages.

A research has come out with surprising findings that about 80% of the spinal injuries are in men. And the young people who get affected with one or the other spinal problems are between the age group 16 and30. Another fact that is definite to take everybody by surprise is that the number of people who visit the hospitals with spinal injuries has increased drastically from what it was in the earlier days.

Spinal Cord injury

Spinal cord gets damaged when there is a heavy hit on it which results in the internal movement of the vertebrae, discs thus causing a fracture. This heavy blow breaks down few bones into fragments or causes bruises in the ligaments and the discs. This over a period of time swells and causes pain. When the spinal cord is damaged, the blood flow in that area is disturbed and the affected bone or ligament starts bleeding resulting in fluid buildup and causes acute pain. This in turn causes more damage to the spine making the situation even more bad. So whenever there is a problem with the spine, it is always advisable to visit a doctor and get the problem consulted to avoid massive complications.

Types of injuries

A spinal cord injury is generally classified into two depending upon the level of its severity. Higher level injuries affect the major functioning of the body and paralyses arms, legs trunks etc. and this type is known as a complete spinal cord injury. The other type is the incomplete spinal injury wherein the impact of the injury is slightly low and causes small and manageable troubles in the arms, legs and sometimes in the pelvic organs. But in this type the parts do not get paralyzed and hence there can be some movements seen in the body.

Spinal pain relief

Once you know that there is some severe problem with your spinal cord, it is important and essential to immediately consult a doctor and try to rectify the problem by analyzing the reason for the injury. Some problems might get solved with just a few medicines for a few days while others might require a surgery. Problems of the higher degree might require a surgery followed by some therapy and life-long medication.